Timber Sash Window

As you begin a new home improvement plan it is essential to think and work out exactly what will suit you and your home best. Installing timber sash windows is a key home improvement plan which many people consider doing. It is also important to consider your own comfort and settling on to improve your home with replacement doors or timber sash windows is a part of that.

Commencing their first appearance towards the end of the seventeenth century right up to the present day, timber sash windows have been used in every class of building. Timber sash windows are the windows that slide up and down and may have a locking apparatus at the top of the sash. Some timber sash windows are single, sliding one way only, while others are twofold, with both top and base panes able to move.

Sash windows have sustained to be urbanized and sophisticated over many centuries, as current techniques and materials improved these were soon incorporated into the timber sash window.